Now O’Clock - What is Sukkot?

The wise people write that during this holiday of Sukkot we make our permanent structures temporary, and our temporary structures permanent.

This is why we try and do everything we normally do inside the Sukkah. (Eat, drink sleep, watch TV, pick our collective nose).

Why do we leave the house? Why do we leave our security and our comfort zone?

The holy idea behind this is that during Sukkot we are transforming. Our home and our mind are completely evolving, expanding, growing. 

Gevald, sometimes its so hard to call my grandmother before shabbat. I think, 'running out of time and I haven't showered, I'll make sure to call her next week'. But friends, this is a permanent mindset. It says 'things are secure', it says 'I can do it next week, even tomorrow!' 

Sometimes fathers forget we exist. And sometimes they remember all at once and become overbearing with love. because he knows things won’t last. 

The only thing certain in this world is that we will not last forever. The holiday of Sukkot inspires us with this reminder, to treat each moment with deep respect, to cherish our moments just as a father loves his son. 

It is much easier if I just call grandma next week. But the truth is this moment will not last, and it is here now. 

As the Rebbe of Lubavitch writes, "This is the key to time management, to see the value of every moment." 

May we be blessed this Sukkot to bring this way of thinking into the rest of the year. 

Chag kasher vsameach - Have a super kosher happy holiday 

yalla bye