to live in a constant state of thanks.


Taking pleasure in the little things.

My coffee was hot. My feet can walk.

My eyes see color. My eyes see at all.

My heart beats. My heart feels. Pain. Joy. Sadness. Fear. 

My mind narrates. My soul yearns.

My hands clap. My ears hear.

I’m grateful that I want. That I need. 

That when my life feels incomplete, I can feel the difference between 

sweet and sour. presence, absence. focus, distraction.

Pray I can discern between needs and wants.

Temptation and passion. Lust and love. Fear and self-pity.

That I can grow in each moment. 

Up, above a level before.

Closer to my source, bigger, wiser, more. 

And I can know that I am good

My life is good

Really, I’m okay.

My life is good to make others feel it, too.

That the chocolate in my world 

is bland

until shared. Until multiplied. 

Until my turkey is yours.

And I’m grateful that there are others than myself.

Other voices. Other opinions. Other callings.

That this life is to meet and exchange

To be moved and be changed

To share and receive

To say thanks.

And more cowbell.

Gotta have more cowbell. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!! <3 zusha