Reflections on the New Year 5775

So excited to release our music with the world. A lot of prayer and tears, laughter and good times went into it. Here's a short thought on this special time for us.

Why did Adam and Eve eat from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. After all, they had every tree to choose from. They had the Tree of Life to enjoy.

They ate from the Tree of Knowledge because they weren't in love with the Tree of Life.

When I am really, completely in love, I don't really have a choice. 

There is no other person. There is no other way. 

So maybe the test of life, the test of the Garden of Eden, is how to stay in love. 

How do I keep it fresh every day,

create anew,

inspire meaning,

and give life a new breath. 

Rosh HaShana is the anniversary of Creation.

The time anniversary of when God was so overcome with Love that there was no other way. The world just had to be created. 

So what do I do on Rosh HaShana?

I go to synagogue, or the forest, wherever I pray, and I fill myself with this kind of magnetic powerful Love.

Because we all want to be a better version of ourselves

do more

accomplish our dreams

make real change..

What's it going to take? 

It's going to take being so madly in love with my dreams. It just has to get done. Life just has to happen.

So throughout the year, every week, every day, every Shabbat, we work on the various ways of falling back in love. 

May this Rosh HaShana be the beginning

When I pray for all the love to come down for myself, for the entire world.

For all the love that's going to force us to create a better world already.

May we see real peace, equality, and unity this year.

Shana Tova - Happy New Year