Clean Underwear - Yom Kippur

Sages wrote that Yom Kippur is the "Day that is similar to Purim" Yom Ki-purim.

The holiday of Purim is when I really get what this world is about. Elevating materialism. Using this world as a vehicle for justice, kindness, and love.

Yom Kippur is when I leave this world completely. 

It's when I wonder why there's a world at all. 

And I ask myself why on earth am I needed, what can I do. 

Yom Kippur is the moment when my laundry finally comes out of the dryer, all warm and fluffy, and nothing else in the world matters. 

It's when I leave my hiding spot and run up to you and give you a hug. 

Because I was here the whole time; I never left.

I say to God, Maybe every day this year it seemed like I was hiding.

Maybe the second Yom Kippur ends I'm going back to my hiding place. 

Right now, I'm here. Right now, it's real.

"Rachmana liba ba'ee" (Sanhedrin 106b)

The Merciful One desires the heart.

Friends, what else is there.

May this be a year when we help each other get real.

 Gemar Chatima Tova - Shana tova