Yosef Ruler of the Heart

Real quick because its almost shabbat. What was unique about Yosef that merited him the CEO -position ruler over his brothers? Hasidic/mystical thought attributes the notion of sexuality/yesod/foundation to Yosef. We can see this in his life, we know Yosef was physically very attractive, Pharoahs wife tried to hit on him hardcore. Yosef's challenge and ultimate success in terms of sexual morality, is exactly what made him so righteous. His control over his most basic desires is why the other brothers gravitated and bowed to him. By connecting to our source, our most basic foundation, we merit the level of, "hatachat elokeem anochi" - am I in place of g-d? (vayechi 50:19) and "viatem chashatvtem alay ra'ah, alokeem chashava ltovah" - you (pl) thought it for bad, and g-d thought it for good. (vayechi 50:20). When we connect and mitaken/uplift our foundation, we bring with it the entire world. All the brothers and sisters in a big ol' cosmic hug.  May we be blessed this shabbat to take control of our lives, our foundation, by recognizing where it all comes from.